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Fall contest 2019
2019 Grand Prize & Best In Category
Connie wins with a picture 2019
Lions out to celebrate Feb 14, 2019
Linda & Bud Chambers 14th anniversary_
Linda shared with Wendy for 56th anniver
Wendy shared with Tina for 56th Annivers
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The Easter Bunnies hopped in to wish everyone a Happy Easter on our opening weekend
Running to Haliburton
Connie getting into the St. Patrick Day spirit
Jaylin Frost, Andy and Connie March 10, 2018
Gord Kidd blowing out his candles
Sunny's special gifts that she made for guest at the Valentine Dinner Evnet
Gord Kidd's birthday party February 15, 2018
Bob Heeps & Andy at the Valentine Dinner event FEb 15, 2018
Private cooking lessions with CFUW January 18, 2018
Work Cooperative at Maple Avenue 2017
Always a crowd at Maple Avenue
Andy at work
Maple Avenue 2017
Maple Avenue 2017 for Christams
Kathryn Kidd Creations at Maple Avenue 2017
A customer came from NFLD for breakfast at the Maple Avenue
Stone Bowl special 2
Say hello to Andy
Maple Avenue in the autumn 2017
Halloween 2017
Jim Frost and Andy
Jim Frost Birthday Party Oct 14,2 017
Andy advertising some specials for the day
Andy golfing with his friends
BJ photo 2017
October 2017
Maple Avenue's home after October 2018
Service with a smile (1)
Everyone loves the cupcakes
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Video Gallery

Glenys and Ed Whiteway  with MPP Laurie Scott
Glenys and Ed Whiteway with MP Jamie Schmale
Charlie Teljeur, Sara Teljeur and Marilyn Teljeur at Maple Avenue Tap  Grill
Andy fishing
Andy golfing
Andy coming out to say hello
Andy at New Years
Helen & Jenny at the Haliburton Lions party
Haliburton Lions Party September 16, 2017
Gord Kidd & Andy September 16, 2017
Fire Place is on on Sept 3, 2017 What weather
2017 August 8 Haliburton Echo newspaper article
Maple Avenue gets a new sign
Maple Avenue in the winter
Kathryn Kidds' window decorations for Christmas
Andy taking a break
Gord Kidd at his reseved breakfast table
Photo Wall of the many satisfied customers
Happy Birthday Andy
The Lovely Lions Ladies on an outing
New Years Eve at Maple Avenue 2016
Mark Arike, reporter for the Highlander showing how much he enjoyed his meal
Andy advertising some specials for the day
The Red Hat Society having lunch together
Haliburton Lion celebrating Christmas 2016
Kathryn Kidd's great seasonal decorations
A Happy Birthday party at Maple Avenue
Halburton Lions enjoying another dinner at Maple Avenue
Some specials for the day
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Jim Frost Birthday Party, October 14, 2017
Kathryn Kidd Creations at Maple Avenue Tap & Grill
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Eat in or Take out

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday & Thursday:   11am to 7pm (lunch & dinner)

Friday:   11am to 8pm (lunch & dinner)

Saturday:  8am to 12pm (breakfast)

Saturday:  12pm to 8pm (lunch & dinner)

Sunday :   8am to 12pm (breakfast)


Sunday:  12pm to 7pm (lunch & dinner)




Created  by Linda Heeps 2017

Gord Kidd's birthday party February 15, 2018