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Andy OH  & Sunny Park's Story

Sunny and Andy

It all began in 1995 with one man, Andy Oh and one woman, Sunny Park and a dream. 

Andy Oh arrived in Toronto for a six month vacation and he began a new adventure in Canada. Sunny  adventure started in 1998 when she came to Canada.  She pursued  her interest in Tai Kwon Do and has a level 5 black belt.  Andy and Sunny met at a Tae Kwon Do picnic and married one year later.  Sunny took a  hiatus from her career to raise their family.

Andy enrolled in a three year course at Centennial College in “Hospitality and Tourism” in 1996 and graduated in 1999.  His first position was at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Toronto working at the Harmony Lounge and Room Service.  He learned the importance of good service and client management.

In 2001, he changed employment to Nan Zan Japanese restaurant and was trained at the manager level.

He enjoyed the art of cooking and gained experience and skills at Pier 4,  The Elements,  Pogue Mahone Pub , and Cataplana Fine Dining in Toronto with professional chef Josh Mannual. He also worked at Akco Japanese Fusion restaurant , Vinnie Zucchini’s Italian Buffet in Vaughan. He joined the Tim Horton team to be trained intensively in customer service at the management level.

He wanted to be skilled in his home cuisine so he returned to Korea in 2011 to 2013 and trained at 111-2 Lounge in Seoul and Sienna Restaurant and he returned to Canada in 2014.


Andy and Sunny had considered opening a restaurant in Aurora but the opportunity was not there.  A friend told Andy about a possible location in Haliburton so Andy and his family explored the northern part of the province and fell in love with the town of Haliburton and the people. The residences have embraced Andy and his family.

Andy and Sunny are looking forward to moving Maple Avenue Tap & Grill over to 172 Highlands Street, Haliburton, formally Hankook E Korean Cuisine , once his lease expires at his present location in October 2018.

Andy has learned through all his adventures that food, service and pricing all have to work in harmony to make a restaurant successful.

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